The Google Maps application for iOS gets location sharing feature and estimated time of arrival

Google Maps for ios

No longer sharing your location with apps maps something new, these are usually fixed feature in the raid and you share your current location only, and if you leave it, it will not be updated. However, the good news for users of iOS is that if you want a way more dynamic to watch your site, has been updated the Google Maps application to do this.

The water was previously available on Android but now with the updated iOS version of the app, users will be able iOS watch their site which will be updated in real-time, in addition to the participation of the proposed site access. This means that if you want to let people know where you are and the time may arrive, it must provide this feature to users is a more accurate way.

According to Google, it is possible to use it across many platforms messaging also so that the police, by saying : ” today’s update also enables participation across many third-party apps such as Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp and more. So, you can communicate with friends on the platforms that you prefer. As soon as you finish your journey, you will stop automatically share your location “.

This feature should be already available for users of iOS, so be sure to install the latest version of Google Maps, this feature should be very good.



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