The Google Maps application is integrated soon with Google translation support the translation feature within the app

Use the search giant to launch a new update to the Google Maps application supports the integration of application with Google translation to translate to directly within the Maps application.

Can now the Google Maps application that supports the users better during the flight and, where the app integrates with the translation service, to translate texts, to translate the audio directly into Google Maps.

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This new update in the Google Maps application that supports users in getting the translation directly and fast without need to navigate between applications, or go out in the beginning of the Maps application.

Also the water can support the translation of your texts and the titles of cities or sites to the local language of the city and the pronunciation of the title in the local language phonetically, and can apply this feature by clicking on the magnifier button voice to the side of the button locations, or addresses, to the application on the use of education and advertising by voice.

It is expected that the work of Google Translate to identify the language local to the area-axis search automatically for the pronunciation of it, along with user support to translate directly to the headlines.

Recall that this feature will be available in the Google Maps application on my platform Andorid and iOS, to support initially the number of 50 languages, and slide water to users this month, also supports more languages later.


I know of

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