The Google Phone is now available for all Android phones – now you know

Google is very good at software development, Android system perfect, no doubt, to the side of the Google applications and services and other budget fully, today to talk to you about one of the Google apps required a Google Phone which finally began in tension for all phones, and in this article we will share with you the way to get it before any one.تطبيق Google Phone

How to get the Google Phone and what are its features?

The Google Phone is an application where information works to replace the application calls the default in your phone, this app as you can expect was available first for Pixels, but Google started in making it available for other the beginning of last April, but that didn’t mean offer it freely to anyone, no, but for specific phones.

Today the app started in tension for all most Android phones, but in order to begin to use it you must first be registered in the program of testing its own Beta Program from this link, and it’s very easy, just enter the link and agreed to join the program checksum, which is a step absolutely safe.

تطبيق Google Phone

In some cases you won’t see the application of the foundation when you search the Play Store, and that is why you have to enter the link directly and don’t use the search in the Play Store, after the implementation of this step is to participate in a test program you’ll find that using the app may become available to you -as in the picture above – and you can download it.

Price : free

After downloading the app will set it as the default application to manage the calls, which is understandable, you can’t use more than one application to manage calls of course, that even if you are not sure of your desire to use the application from the foundation we recommend you try it first, especially since it offers many features not office management information.

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