The Google Play Store now suggests users to remove unused apps


We all have a lot of apps on our phones. However, like most people, there are some applications that we use on a daily basis, while we use other applications in the case of slim. This means that there are a lot of applications that reside on our phones and consume precious space of the internal memory.

It seems that Google Inc was aware of the problem that some users run a memory storage for their devices, has been rumored now that there is a new feature in the Google Play Store you send a notice to Android users to remind them that they can uninstall the unused apps to help free up more storage space on their smart phones.

Clicking on this notice to the emergence of a list of apps that haven’t been opened since the period, suggesting that it may no longer need those applications you can safely remove them. At the moment, it is still not clear what can lead to the appearance of this notice, the amount of time you should not be using the app to be considered non-essential.

This is not a new feature or a leader Per Se. Enjoy users of iOS that the water which provides them with the option to uninstall unused applications automatically since a long time. We’re not sure if this feature available to everyone or not, but keep an eye on them if you were among the features that you require to obtain it.


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