The Google Play Store will help you to delete apps that you haven’t used in a while!

Is the Google Play Store is the primary source for users of Android to download different applications and games, now I got the Google Play Store app to update characteristic tells you the apps and programs that you have installed on the phone and did not use it for a while.

Where an alert appears in your notifications to notify you of the existence of apps not installed, it also says that you can be removed to clean the internal storage of the device.

When you click on it takes you to the Google Play Store, specifically to the list of applications that you haven’t used for a while, you will need all application the description includes the last time you opened it, you can select an app (or multiple apps) and uninstall it.

متجر جوجل بلاي سيخبرك الآن بالتطبيقات التي لم تستخدمها منذ فترة

The Google Play Store will tell you now which apps you haven’t used a while ago

This feature appeared first in the Netherlands, where he was spotted by Android World, and we don’t know if this feature is now available in other places, as it is not clear how long the app needs the gas level to get these alerts.

Join us in the comments if anyone has this feature recently..

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