“The Google” to start promotion of the messaging service, chat new Chat

Began the search giant the world famous “Google” Google’s promotion of universal service the instant messaging and chat the new “chat” Chat, which is designed to replace SMS text messages on Android phones Android.

Containing chat service new from Google on additional features, such as Messaging mass text and through videos and indicators instant during the writing of the script and receipts reading, which are features that are not currently available when sending SMS text messages.

Will be integrated “chat” with the application of the default Messaging on Android phones, and will be on mobile operators to enable the service, which does not provide encryption service for messages as Google says, which reported that the new system was under development for several years, but it now began to appear on Android phones.

Adopted the short message service SMS on a large scale in the nineties in the phones, which allows mobile phones to exchange basic text messages of 160 characters via the mobile network, and Google in its new service offering new features like the features in Messaging apps modern online.

According to the network of British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, has Google tried several times to launch a messaging app for mobile own, but their attempts failed to gain a large audience of users, the Google announced, last Thursday, stop by for application development, “allo” Allo, which was launched in the year 2016.

Can tend to try to Google this time in application launch times corresponding to the applications as well as a Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger as WhatsApp as well as iMessage on the Apple iPhone Apple iPhones, and integrate it with the Android operating system.

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