The government is preparing a new draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Miners against

New version of the law on regulation of digital assets in Russia did not satisfy large domestic miners. They do not agree with the strict control of the Central Bank in virtually all spheres of industry. Instead of the original version of the bill cryptomnesia propose to consider, but it is unlikely to gain sufficient support in the government.

Will have to tighten their belts

We will remind, the law “On digital of financial assets”, completely eliminated the concept of “mining”, “cryptocurrency” and “token”. This loophole deputies have used in order not to recognize digital assets for legal tender on the territory of Russia. As reported by RBC, the bill needs to consider the second reading before the end of 2018.

In the document, the crypt appears under the term CFA (digital of financial assets), and separate the tokens are called rights of equity issued in digital form. Since the law came into force by issue of tokens can only deal with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Their data will be entered in a special register of the Central Bank.

The head of the blockchain integrator Sputnik DLT Artem Tolkachev believes that established by the state Duma restrictions contrary to the essence of decentralized systems. RBC journalists filed an official request to the Bank to explain the situation, but representatives of the Central Bank and did not reply.

How can I fix it

For remediation came from the Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain. 27 November members of RAKIB sent to the Central Bank’s request to consider its version of the law “On digital of financial assets”, prepared by the group of experts led by Elina Sidorenko, head of the laboratory, the Legal Lab.

The main difference between this version of the bill — separation of digital assets into three categories: digital security, cryptocurrencies and digital signs. The first category includes obligations, the transmission of which will be regulated by the law on the securities market. The second category (cryptocurrency) will be used as a unit of account, means of payment for goods and services, and the subject of commercial transactions (purchase-sale of crypts). Finally, digital signs will Express the property rights of citizens who are registered in civil-law contracts.

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It is noteworthy that the act of RAKIB generally will not be considered before the adoption of the bill prepared by the deputies. This was stated by the head of the Committee on fininkom of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov. The efforts of cryptoendoliths is unlikely to be sufficient to ensure that MPs have changed their position. In the meantime, we and our subscribers cryptodata one can only hope for the best.


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