The government of Colorado will be allowed to make donations to political parties in Bitcoins

Yesterday, the Central Bank of Norway announced the intention to issue a national cryptocurrency. The regulator has presented three options for the use of coins as a Supplement to cash alternatives Bank deposits and savings. Now over the partial legalization of digital money thought power Colorado in the state can legitimize the cryptocurrency for donations to political organizations. This writes Cointelegraph.

The government became interested in cryptocurrency

In mid-may, the Federal election Commission (FEC) be allowed to make donations to political parties in cryptocurrency. Based on this precedent, the government of Colorado — the state government believes that the transfers in bitcoin and altonah will enable citizens to support a party or candidate.

In conversation with the newspaper the Deputy Secretary of state Colorado Suzanne Staiert noted that donations in the cryptocurrency can create difficulties for accounting. According to her, now the state government is working to embed a new feature into the existing payment system.

Earlier, the government of Colorado has approved the implementation of a system based on the blockchain in the work of state governments. It will simplify the workflow and to optimize procurement.

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