The government of the Russian Federation proposed revision to the law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. What you want to change?

The draft law “On digital of financial assets” introduced in the state Duma in the second half of March. Experts see in it the beginning of the path to the formation of a transparent system of using coins in Russia and the guarantee of safety of participants of the market. All this time, government officials were looking for options to improve the document. A month later a list of suggestions appeared on the website of the Cabinet.

The new part of regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia

The full list of improvements is on the government website. First of all, the officials propose to clarify the terminology. This is especially true for hashing, tokens and crypto-currencies, and their relationships with each other.

The staff of the Cabinet of Ministers insist on the need to amend the accounting and tax legislation. For compliance with the Federal law “On counteraction to legalization of the incomes received by a criminal way, and terrorism financing”, the document requires user authentication to create the digital wallet.

According to experts, it will complicate the participation of Russian investors and issuers, reports RBC. The government also wants to provide for the possibility of remote identification in a simplified form.

Finally, the Cabinet wants to control a major operation to exchange coins in the amount of 600 thousand rubles. Preliminary information of journalists turned out to be true.

The document should be adopted before the end of June. The most likely time period for approval of the bill in may. To the new realities you can begin to prepare now.

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