The governments of the countries of the Middle East is moving towards a cloud computing

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Author Zubin own, the head of the public sector in the Middle East and Africa at Amazon Web service AWS.

Governments in the Middle East towards more innovation and to develop new ways to interact with the population and deliver services efficiently and under the pressure imposed by the need to provide world-class services depending on specific budgets, during certain periods of time, heading government institutions ranging from transportation to legal authorities towards relying on cloud computing to change the organization to provide services and the way in which through which to interact with citizens.

For government institutions in the Gulf states, there are opportunities to provide solutions for safe, reliable, and scalable support forplans strategic visions and initiatives of digital transformation.

We are beginning to witness a number of institutions and government entities in the Middle East is moving in its March forward in the move towards cloud computing and process control from one hand to the other, the benefits are countless for the organization of its work, including increasing both the speed of direct services, and capacity according to business requirements, in addition to improving efficiency, reducing expenses.

Here are some steps and questions basic that you must begin government at the answer while looking the possibility to move towards cloud computing applications.

Confirm the availability of the information technology institutions with its strategy

Impossible to determine the areas that would benefit from the move towards cloud computing without a deep understanding of the competencies and basic requirements for companies and institutions, there are a number of key questions that need to be asked, although they will vary according to the needs of the institution or the company under study, include:

Is there an app to an old need to the greater the tension, or reliability, or security than can be supplied in the current environment?

What are the basic needs of the hardware and absorptive capacity is?

Does the war veterans organization willing to the reduce the scope of its work as soon as you complete the process of transformation?

How technology can Cloud the payment of the objectives of the information technology unit, and therefore the objectives of the institution?

Once you answer these questions, will be the institution or the government in a much better position to start planning a successful strategy to move towards cloud computing.


Is launching multiple projects at once is tantamount to excluded events, one needs to identify the basic needs of the most important first, and then start working on providing solutions, for example, can form this cooperation programmes within the cloud can share and edit files together with other users at the same time, getting started important addresses group work take advantage of them immediately will earn their trust.

Plus, the reliance on the correct resources, and support from members of the team, and leadership skills, ensuring the continuous communication among the parties involved in all phases of the project will contribute to the achieving success from the beginning.

Reduce the range and test the project early.

If there is no agreement on the scope of the specific duties of the project at an early stage, problems may arise later in the project, and can determine the scale easily in the beginning of the project through:

  • Identify the provisions associated with the project.
  • Choose the specialists who have skills required to achieve scale.
  • Identify the process involved accurately.
  • To determine the frameworks of the process clearly.
  • Specify fastening systems between the different interfaces.
  • Check to make sure the safety of operation interfaces.
  • Identify any aspects of the project may still extensive so difficult to manage.

It is through the identification of the scope of the project accurately and familiarity with its size, government organizations can ensure reduced development costs and management, and save time.

The manual mode of the idea

After that is evaluate the chances of the cloud, should be developed to guide the idea in order to prove the feasibility of the cloud computing Project under study financially, and to prove the “proof idea” the scope of the project, and highlight any challenges during the phase of development and testing, and to highlight the progress made in the early stage through the test initially determines whether the service meets the necessary requirements and provides a good user experience, and through doing so, can prevent the information of the public sector to ensure investments with a clear ROI from the outset.

Crowdsourcing isn’t just for startups

No longer seek the input of customers to improve the service or product a new concept in the modern world, which focuses primarily on customers, the crowdsourcing world is an important tool to find solutions to business problems.

In the city of Peterborough in the United Kingdom, provided the city council sets city data to the public, and the two sources of innovation effective foreign citizens to ensure that their building and development services collectively to improve the lifestyle in their community.

Can take advantage of the experience and data collective owned by the public, which depends on the service contribution in support of the project at all stages of design and development.

And all over the world and here in the Middle East, too, became local and regional governments aware of the benefits of cloud computing, it is the ease of implementation and cost savings to improve services to citizens, we look forward to seeing many of the governments and benefit from the power of the cloud taking into account the guidelines simple.

Source: Government of the countries of the Middle East is moving towards cloud computing

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