The growth of sales of computers thanks to Windows Update 10

Grew sales devices of personal computers between 1 percent and 3 percent in the third quarter of the current year, according to market research businesses Gartner and D. C. IDC.

After six years of declining quarterly sales devices of personal computers, the year 2018 has been mixed, are negative and positive, while the performance of the 2019 a little better, as the first quarter was negative, but the second and third quarters are positive.

Noted analysts Gartner and De car to its update the Windows 10 operating system in the labor market as a contribution to the gains in the last quarter.

With the operating system Windows 7 Phase end of support on 14 January 2020, it is clear that some companies are trying to move to Windows 10 in the very last minute.

Said Gartner: the tariffs of America for laptops manufactured in China have had little impact, while warned the IDC of the possibility of having faith in the horizon to increase tariffs on American companies manufacturing computers.

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Recall that the Gartner exclude tablets, such as iPad (iPad) devices (OS) alternative, such as Chromebooks (Chromebook) of their accounts, while the imported by IDC of its accounts.

She said both companies: the Lenovo; and HP; the Dell represented the three largest companies to manufacture computers in the world, has seen Apple’s quarter is bad, as its sales fell 3.7 percent worldwide, according to Gartner, and 6.1 percent according to IDC.


Provide firm Gartner that global sales of computers increased by 1.1 percent to reach 67 million devices in the third quarter of 2019.

The six largest vendors are Lenovo; and HP; the Delta; the Apple TV; the Acer; and Assos, and saw all of the Apple Assos – within the top six – a decline in shipments of personal computers, while the rest of the market companies increased by 9.3 percent.

Saw Lenovo; and HP; the Delta-similar growth, the company said in a statement: cycles have been update for Windows 10 are the main engine of growth in all regions, although the effect size sold according to local market conditions and the stage of the update cycle.

She added, “has grown shipments of personal computers in Japan increased by 55 percent in the second quarter of 2019, thanks to its Windows 10 update and change the sales tax, helped by strong growth in the payment market total computers in all over the world to grow.”


Provide IDC global sales of computers increased by 3.0 percent, to 70.4 million devices in the third quarter of 2019.

The five largest vendors in their results are the Lenovo; the Apple TV; the Delta; the HP; the Acer, where the dissolved Lenovo first, HP second, followed by DL in the second place, while the fallen Apple and Acer to fourth place and fifth, and fell the rest of the companies increased by 3.2 percent.

The company said in a statement: accelerate the commercial demand where institutions work through the remaining period of the transition to the Windows 10 operating system, and can calculate the number of months until the date of expiration of Service (EOS) operating system Windows 7.

She added, “with the approaching January 14, 2020, you must have the commercial market is able to absorb the additional inventory over the next few quarters”.

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