The growth of the stock market before you need a major collapse. The arguments of the founder of Reddit

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian in an interview with CNBC said, why for the stabilization and maturity of the stock market, you must first truly collapse. According to him, to provide cryptocurrency industry a strong future, now need to seriously focus on development and infrastructure. He also suggested that the fall in rates of cryptocurrencies will weed out the undesirable elements and leave the industry’s only true followers.

According to Ohanyan, created now innovation will be durable. Although the blockchain many times to give him slaps in the face, the possibilities were still more.

Writes Bitcoinnews, last week, Bitcoin has undergone the most serious decline for the entire year. The alleged cause of the fall according to the founder and CEO BKCM Brian Kelly is hardwork Bitcoin Cash with the inherent event split the community into two camps. However, Kelly believes that the collapse of Bitcoin prices is not something global, but only temporary difficulties. The very coin BCH has also fallen by more than 15 percent.

One of the authors of Forbes Clem chambers noted the correlation of the fall of the stock market with a jump in the bond market.

Of course, the main culprit of the collapse is Bitcoin Cash. It sounds plausible, but at the same time, the bond market was a serious leap. And this is indicates that there may be other events and factors influencing the price of Bitcoin.

Ohanian maintains his views, says that this collapse was inevitable. In his opinion, in crisis situations people are able to focus on truly important things.

We will remind, the founder of Reddit spoke about why a bear market is profitable for the industry, and also predicted the Bitcoin growth to 20 thousand dollars by the end of the year. More data look at cryptodata.

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