The hacker has promised to remove the page of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook live

This Sunday you can observe the attempt to remove the page of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from the social network.

Chang Chi-yuan (Chang, Chi-Yuan), a self-styled “camera bugs” from Taiwan, told its subscribers in the social network on September 30, it live remove page Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg.

Chang is known for his hacking of the local bus operator (could buy tickets just for 1 Taiwan dollar, which equals approximately 3 cents), and earlier this month he posted a screenshot showing a hole in Apple Pay, thanks to which he could in the same 1 Taiwan dollar to buy 500 iPhones. In addition, Chang made the cyber-attack on Apple, Tesla and Japanese service Line.

He Chang said that he doesn’t want to be a hacker at all. He’s just bored and he wants to earn some money, because many companies pay this “bug catchers” for finding bugs in their systems.

However, not the fact that Facebook will want to pay Chang if he will succeed to hack the system. In 2013, the company decided not to reward the Palestinian expert Shriteh Khalil (Khalil Shreateh) because he was able to hack into Zuckerberg’s profile and post it Enrique Iglesias video on the wall of his friend from College.

Source: Engadget

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