The handwriting recognition feature in Google Gboard become more accurate

Google gboard-ios

It may be the handwriting recognition is difficult because the system will need to identify the different styles of handwriting. Because we all have different methods, some methods more complicated than the other, so it is understandable why it can go wrong systems handwriting recognition from time to time.

Having said that, it seems that Google think that it has improved the technology of handwriting recognition, at least in relation to the application keyboard Google Gboard. According to the company Google, has made it clear to us that she has updated the Google Gboard as managed through the use of artificial intelligence to improve application skills in handwriting recognition, so the company says that the app is now linked to fewer errors by 20 to 40 percent.

According to Google, it I stated : ” due to the use of Google Gboard on a large range of different devices and screens accuracy, The our steps the first is to improve the coordinates of the point of contact. Then, in order to capture the data accurately, we analyze the sequence of points to a series of Bezier curves to use as input to the neural network and frequent are trained on the exact alliance that is being written “.

However, the company Google is not over yet, they are determined to continue to improve this technology so I stated : ” We will continue to push the envelope to further improve the mechanism of recognition of the Latin language. Team is working the handwriting is already on the launch of new versions for all languages manual-supported in the Google Gboard “.


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