The harvest of 2019.. the highlights of what was presented by Apple users during the year

Saw Apple has a lot of events through the year 2019; some are located in the list of achievements, where they launched a lot of new products and services to users has also issued updates to the operating systems of its devices include a lot of new features that improve the experience of Use, and others of these events is located under the list of failures.

Held Apple TV 3 events through the year 2019; it came as follows:

  • First event: held at the beginning of the year; specifically, on March 25, 2019 under the title of (it’s Showtime), which announced that Apple TV for new services.
  • The second event: is the event’s annual developers WWDC 2019, which was held on June 3, 2019, in order to announce new versions of operating systems, its organs, and has detonated several new surprises.
  • The second event: is the event annual to advertise their latest products of iPhone, and iPad, the event was held on September 10, 2019.

We will review the day highlights presented by Apple users through the year 2019:

1 – put the package Office 365 across the Mac App Store:

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تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

Started Apple TV 2019 in the package Microsoft Office 365 users via the Mac App Store at the end of the month of January, making it easier for the users of Mac devices download apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, and OneDrive easily, as they can also subscribe to Office 365 from within the apps.

Designed Office 365 for Mac is specially designed to support unique features such as: (dark mode) Dark Mode, the advantage of Continuity Camera in the system (Mac OS) macOS.

2 – a laptop, iPad Air 3, and iPad Mini:

تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

Apple on March 18 for computers, tablet, two new: (iPad Air) iPad Air size 10.5-inch, update the computer (the iPad mini) iPad Mini, in a surprise move days before it happened March 25.

Needs computer iPad mini for 2019 on a screen size of 7.9 inches accurately 1536 x 2048 pixels and density of 326 pixels per inch, and the True Tone, which adjusts the color temperature automatically according to ambient lighting.

While the computer iPad Air 2019 screen size of 10.5 inches, strictly 2224 x bus, a density of 264 pixels per inch, and the True Tone also, also supports this computer port Smart Connector, making it easy to connect keyboard to Apple TV smart.

Works both processor A12 Bionic, and parliament the first generation of Pen Apple Mail Apple Pencil, and long battery life.

The starting price for the iPad mini from US $ 399 for the same internal storage of 64 GB, while the iPad Air is priced at 499 dollars for the WiFi, and 629 USD for LTE.

3 – the third generation of headphones AirPods:

تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

Apple launched on 20 March, the second generation of earphones AirPods 2019, which comes with the box wireless charging is optional, longer battery life, with the support of a lot of features, in addition to integration with voice assistant Siri Siri.

Needs the second generation of wireless earbuds to design the CD itself, while maintaining the ease of communication, long battery life like the original version. The slide H1 is the New designed by Apple to provide a wireless connection more fast and stable, and the sound quality is higher.

The price of the second version of the headphones AirPods with Box Shipping wired $ 159, while the price reaches $ 199 with a tray for wireless charging of new.

4 – Service broadcast video +Apple TV:

تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

Apple’s first streaming video service is the new name +Apple TV on March 25, 2019, to pay in direct competition with similar services such as: (Netflix) Netflix Amazon Prime Video.

The company launched this service on November 1 last in more than 100 countries, with the participation of its value is $ 4.99 per month, has made the television series SEE the top level of the broadcast between the content available on this service until now.

5 – service games Apple Arcade:

Announced the Apple TV on March 25 for the gaming service the new subscription-based Apple Arcade, which was launched by Apple on a large scale in the 19 last September in more than 150 countries, with multiple games ready to play, among the key games in service: The Enchanted World, where the Cards Fall, the وShinsekai: Into the Depths.

Up the price of the subscription to $ 4.99 a month – with the possibility of a trade for a full month for free-and allows you full access to a library of more than 100 games new and exclusive, you can play it through the phones iPhone, computers , iPad tablets, computers, Mac, and Apple TV (Apple TV).

6 – News Service +Apple News:

On the day of March 25 also Apple announced a new service based on the subscription within the application news download the name of the +Apple News to bring magazines and newspapers into the application, and the cost of a subscription to $ 9.99 per month.

Service includes magazines and newspapers selected up to 300, including: The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and National Geographic, and New York, along with many other newspapers and magazines.

7 – card Apple credit card Apple Card:

During the event March 25; the announced Apple TV also about her credit card Apple Card to reap greater revenues from services after years of heavy reliance on the sales of the iPhone, has been asked by the users during the month of August the past, in partnership with the group (Goldman Sachs) Goldman Sacks Group.

The Apple Card is a physical card, made of titanium, but without the number visible, where it stores the card number on the bar safe inside the iPhone, what leads to create the virtual numbers for online purchases or over the phone.

8 – headphones Powerbeats Pro:

The company announced the pizza Beats owned by Apple at the beginning of April from headphones Powerbeats Pro which includes many of the same techniques provided by Apple in the second generation of earphones AirPods, including: function, voice assistant (Siri) Siri without using hands, and the Apple product H1 of the new which provides a connection of improved time faster connection.

This headset comes with a stylish design, and looks like headphones Powerbeats wired, each earphone contains a buckle ear included, with tools to control the sound and track, and isolate external noise. And the heavens on account of the light it can turn on or off the music pauses when you put the headphones in the ear, or removed, but it does not support wireless charging.

9 – a new version of the Mac Pro:

Announced the Apple TV during the event’s annual developers WWDC 2019, which was held during the month of June 2019 for the new version of the computer (Mac Pro) Mac Pro is the completely redesigned for even higher performance as it is features Xeon processors with up to 28 cores, supports Random Access Memory massive capacity up to 1.5 TB, and 8 expansion slots, PCIe, in addition to support the most powerful graphics card in the world.

Also supports the device supports the Apple TV to accelerate Apple Afterburner which allows running three videos ore accurately 8K at the same time.

10 – screen Pro Display XDR:

Apple during WWDC 2019 also on the new screen name of Pro Display XDR, of the type Rentina 32-inch, and thoroughly 6K up to 6016 x 3384 Pixel, and also provide a level of brightness capacity of 1,600 lumens, a contrast ratio of 1000000:1. Accordingly, Apple states it’s the best screen professional in the world.

11 – the sixth generation of iPod Touch:

Apple launched during the month of May, the sixth generation of its device mobile (iPod touch) iPod Touch, so after about 4 years of the launch of the previous generation. Which comes with improvements in power consumption, performance, and communication.

12 – new versions of operating systems:

Apple on June 3, 2019 through its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 for new versions of operating systems of its devices, which came as follows:

  • iOS 13: the new version of the operating systems of iPhones, which includes a number of new features, including: dark mode Dark Mode at the system level, and a set of new tools to become a sound and adjusted depending on the machine learning, and a new way and more privacy to log in to apps and websites, and much more.
  • iPadOS: a new system separately for the iPad; it is based on the basics of the system (iOS) itself, in addition to the new possibilities effectively, and features of the easy custom device (iPad) screen is large, and its uses multiple.
  • macOS Catalina the latest version of the operating system of the computers of the Apple, which contained many new features, most notably: the abandonment of the application (iTunes) iTunes after 18 years, replaced three separate applications are: (Apple Music) the Apple Music service, and(Apple TV podcast) Apple Podcast, and(Apple TV) Apple TV, in addition to support for multiple users, control centre new.
  • watchOS 6: the latest version of the operating system an hour Apple’s smart TV, which supports a number of new features including: the presence of a new dynamic of power, and options to customize, as it became possible to access the Store (App Store) App Store from the watch directly.
  •  tvOS 13: the latest version of the operating system dedicated For Home Entertainment affiliate for the Apple TV – which included many new features including: support for multiple users, the Center for a new controller, called application service new games Apple Arcade.

13 – iPhone 11:

The most important Apple events during the year is an event the announcement of the versions for iPhone New, which is usually held during the month of September, has announced this year from the three phones the iPhone new; they are: iPhone 11, andiPhone 11 Pro, andiPhone 11 Pro Max, which includes many new features, and strong performance thanks to the processor the new Apple TV A13, in addition to their low price compared with last year, not expected from Apple.

The most important characteristic of selection phones iPhone 11 this year from its predecessors; it is a range of new improvements in the camera, which includes: the design, the triangular lenses on the model of my iPhone Pro, and software development responsible for the operation of the system the camera, is what makes the performance of this camera is the most impressive in the history of the iPhone.

14 – a new version of the Apple Watch:

Apple on September 10 for the new generation of its smart Apple Watch Series 5; which comes to the design and size similar to the previous generation than the previous, but it supports a number of new features, the most important feature (Always-on display) in the screen, and a compass built in, and the discovery of the falls, and much more.

15 – a new version of the iPad:

تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

Announced the Apple TV during the iPhone also computer iPad a new with a screen size of 10.2 inches, which is considered the sixth generation of computer “iPad 9.7-inch was” the most prevalent.

The device works with a processor Apple’s A10 Fusion, supports Smart Connector to connect the Smart Keyboard full size, the second generation of Pen Apple Mail, the starting price of $ 329 only.

16 – headphones AirPods Pro:

Announced Apple TV on October 28 for hearing the new Wireless (are Pro) AirPods Pro, which came with a new design entirely, and the weight is lighter, firming more inside the ear, supports this new design of the noise cancellation system, increase heat dissipation and enhance the listening experience.

17. the computer MacBook Pro new:

Apple on November 13 for laptop MacBook Pro MacBook Pro new has a screen-type Retina, at 16 inches, and works with the latest processors, the ninth generation of the eight cores of Intel, with the thermal design of the new sophisticated, and new keys re-designed to solve the problem of keyboard butterfly, the terms of the Touch Bar, 6 speakers, longer battery life, making it the most powerful device MacBook Pro until now.

Worth noting that Apple may have encountered some failures during the year 2019, including the following:

1 – loss of head of design Jony Ive:

تقرير شامل حول أبرز ما قدمته آبل للمستخدمين خلال عام 2019

This is the greatest shock suffered by Apple through the year 2019, in on June 27 announced (Jony Ive) Jony Ive, the British designer responsible for designs leading actor for the company, it will be your Apple after working for about 30 years, in order to launch the company’s new creative called (LoveFrom), saying: the Apple TV will be the first client he has.

This news has caused in the falling shares of Apple in the next day by 1.5 percent, resulting in a loss of about $ 9 billion from its market value.

2. the gap in the FaceTime app:

At the end of January 2019; to discover one of the Twitter users a loophole in the messaging application with Apple (FaceTime) FaceTime allows any user to investigate eavesdropping on voice of the other party when performing a video call even before answering the call.

Affected these vulnerabilities on devices iPhone and iPad running iOS 12.1, and Mac operating MacOS Mojave, which got the feature to place calls via the app Group FaceTime. Has overhauled the company’s gap during the month of February launched an update for the application.

3. the failure of the program self-driving cars:

Announced the Apple TV during the month of February 2019 the layoff of 190 employees from its program for self-driving cars, which is known as (Project Titan) Project Titan, while it did not explain in detail the techniques that work for them, and whether it was seeking to build a complete car, or sensors only, or a computer system and software for car.

4 – the problem in the screen of the iPad Pro:

Record some of the owners of the computers and the iPad Pro iPad Pro models years 2017 and 2018 during the month of April a number of problems in the monitors on the communities to support the Apple TV. These included problems: refusal to trade with the touch gestures, the difficulty of scrolling, and clicks the virtual keyboard, along with a number of other problems similar.

5 – the problem of the iOS system 13:

Suffered iOS users 13 since its launch for the first time of some problems, where the police arrested the iOS update 13.1 is the general version of the actual, which appeared for the first time after five days from the version operating system iOS 13.

But the problems have appeared also in the iOS update 13.1, to visualize after the company updated the iOS 13.2 , which also suffered from a serious problem affecting the performance, where he bought a growing number of users of the iPhones, computers, iPad the problem of poor management of the system RAM and close apps running in the background of what led to the re-download apps, such as Safari; YouTube repeatedly when you re-open them. Has paid all that Apple to focus on the next version of iOS 14 to solve all these problems.

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