The hashtag is very important – don’t post something without a #hashtag

We have account on Instagram (iPhoneIslam) but unfortunately not available a lot, and why not a little content, there is posted a picture of an egg ? and received millions of likes, and follow-up, in the world of social media and there are things you should be doing even suspected any post you publish among the most important of these secrets is marking or as it is called #Hashtag be popular and no relationship to the content, so we try this and then if the account is following his hundreds finally we got to the ten thousand follow-up, but we received the help of the application of the hashtag.

Finally this app has been updated to support the Arabic language has been applied is very important for us to support the Arabic language a wonderful addition with the rest of the nurses. Get a hashtag famous to add to your post something that is not easy at all, especially if you want to have something to do with the content of the publication itself, one of the functions of this app is to help you by putting the word in the search box to come to you with the hashtag famous is used within this topic.

Can you like put the word iPhone in the search box, and come you results linked to this keyword.

Or search for a word related to what you post in general, like the word technique, to improve on the results of the Neighborhood Initiative and is now trading.

You can make copies for 15 hashtag and then paste it in your post, and look to the result, you will find that this publication in particular, months of the other without the hashtag.

Also app you can process your own lists don’t have to search every time, all you have to do is copy the hashtag and paste it into your list.

Search for the hashtag as possible, in Arabic or English and three other languages and you can search for a topic to suggest related topics.

As an example, you can choose the top 30 the trader, to give you the menu immediately. And you can use it in your post or add it to your list.

The application supports Arabic and English and three other languages, features that depend on feature the hashtag of Live Live Hashtags as the application updates the results based on hashtag activity and living at that time and depends on the fixed menus as do most similar applications. Content is updated the application of Hashtags four times throughout the day to provide you with the latest and most active hashtag.

Hashtags by StatStory for IG



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متاح في متجر البرامج


Do you use a hashtag with your posts on social platforms, and you find no effect?

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