The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos has plans to colonize the moon

Almost every major national space Agency has its own space program. But sometimes plans for development of the satellite and appear in people from the business sector. For example, recently in Los Angeles at the conference, ISDC (International Space Development Conference) head of Amazon and Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos announced that in the plans of its controlled companies, included the establishment of a colony on the moon. Moreover, these plans are very ambitious and interesting.

As the editors of Engadget, this Jeff is ready to cooperate with NASA and ESA, but in case of failure of one of the companies Bezos, Blue Origin is ready to work independently. Answering the question “Why is all this necessary?”, Mr. Bezos said it in the first place “is not so difficult and convenient”, because the Moon contains a large amount of ice in craters at the poles, and hence the water quantity which will be sufficient to ensure the operation of a lunar colony. In addition, in the future the moon would be appropriate to move most of the earth’s heavy industry.

“In the near future, and I’m talking about decades, a maximum of 100 years in space and on the moon a lot of things will make it easier and safer than on the Ground. For example, to start producing rocket fuel. The same land should be preserved for human habitation and light industry, while the “dirty” production will be made outside of our planet.”

The first lunar module Blue Moon will have to go to the Earth in the middle of the 2020-ies. Around the same time, the company Elon musk SpaceX will make its first flight on the rocket cargo to Mars. So it will be interesting what happens to learn faster: close to us satellite or a neighboring planet.

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