The head of Apple explains to us what makes HomePod special about the hardware competition

Apple’s HomePod

Companies like Google and Amazon last to a strong start early when it comes to market, smart Speakers, And if the number was accurate, it appears that both companies under the recall to a large extent the market of smart speakers. What this means is that Apple technically ” still left behind“, but the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook admits that the company has what it takes to justify this delay.

In an interview he recently conducted with the Financial Post, quoted Mr. Tim Cook saying : ” We believe that among the things missing in this market is the experience of sound high quality, audio experience immersive too. The music deserves this kind of quality instead of that sharp sound. ”

This is true because one of the methods that are considered by Apple to distinguish itself from competitors is by focusing on the sound quality, the company says that the smart speaker Apple HomePod will look much better. To be fair, most of the smart speakers existing in the market today focus on bringing more functions, such as granting users the ability to control their smart home and many other functions via voice commands, the focus is less on meeting the criteria of music lovers.

I tried to Google craft something match with Apple device HomePod with speaker smart Google Home Max, but at the moment it is still unclear whether Apple may refine already sound experience in your HomePod or what if they just used those buzz words for marketing purposes. Generally, we will have to wait until the day 9 February, to be able to make sure the audio experience provided by the Apple device HomePod which costs 349$.

On the other hand, Mr. Tim Cook that Apple doesn’t plan to put the digital assistant Siri in Devices of other companies as do Google, Amazon currently by including digital assistants Google Account and Amazon’s Alexa at each of smart home devices and cars, and other devices. In fact, this was expected given that Apple always likes to talk in the hardware and own software and keeping it to yourself only.


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