The head of Apple says that users do not want to merge iOS and MacOS


There were a lot of rumors in the past suggesting that Apple are looking for a way to integrate iOS and MacOS together. There are some synergies between the operating systems, and they can communicate with each other, but you want to users already in the system integration of iOS and MacOS to run one operating system is? The answer is no apparently.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning, stated the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook by saying : ” We do not believe that kind of control over the other. Both ( iPad and Mac ) are great. One of the reasons that make both of us great is that we pay them to do what they do well. And if you start to merge the two …then you begin to make tradeoffs and adjustments “.

While he admitted that, while it would lead to more efficiency, except that it supports that user experience is important and it is believed that the operating system is built-not what users want. ” You know that this is about giving people things that can be used after that to help them change the world or express their passion or express their creativity. So, this is integration that is the focus of some people, I don’t think that this is what users want “.

However, it should be noted that the editor, famous Mark Gurman from the website of Bloomberg had revealed last year that Apple plans to allow developers to create apps work on both platforms iOS and MacOS together. It looks like there will be a merger, but in fact it might be similar to how run Android apps now on computers Chromebook supported by ChromeOS. In both cases does not seem that it will be announced operating system built-in any time soon, but how do you feel about that?


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