The head of OnePlus says that the phone OnePlus X was the only product not successful, the company

OnePlus X

Decided CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Pete Lau sit down and answer some questions from the teachers. Was published only the first part of the interview, but it gave us some interesting ideas about what’s going on in the scenes and how the company is developing its smart phones.

The only thing which drew our attention is a disappointment to the CEO of the company with the phone OnePlus X. in the interview, he was asked about the product that was expected from him more than what he has achieved, and responded by saying : ” is OnePlus X. we aim to create the best phone is average, although the community loved the design and thought that the product was great, except that most of them preferred the flagship phones of the company. This reaffirms our position and our culture as a company focused only on flagship smartphones “.

Therefore, even if the OnePlus X has received well-received by reviewers and the community at that time, the device didn’t have great sales. It was high-end phones are still the most preferred among consumers. The screen size may be little is the reason or the fact that the company was not as famous then as they are now.

On the other hand, was to hear the ” OnePlus Bullet Wireless ” pleasantly surprised and be able to any person from the team of OnePlus stopped the success of this supplement. It should be noted that there are other questions interesting answered by Mr. Pete Lau, such as the time it takes for the team to design a new device and what phone he uses now. If you want to learn more, go to source link below.



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