The head of the CEC of Russia: the blockchain need branding

Why is the blockchain can not take root in Russia? Seems that the head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova knows the answer. In her opinion, the public must radically change their attitude to this innovation. Consequently, even the term “blockchain” needs to be a rebranding. After that the technology can even appear in the electoral system of Russia.

Features integration of blockchain

It turns out that the name “blockchain” is not very suitable for the dissemination of technology on the Russian market. Pamfilova believes that the term should be reconsidered and find it the best analogy of the Russian language. His position the head of the CEC announced at the scientific-practical conference “Elections. Today and tomorrow” dedicated to the anniversary of the electoral system of Russia.

For the average man in Russia “bloc” is something involving a confined space and restrictions. Perhaps the term is even kind of mental hostility on a subconscious level. However, the CEC did not give at least a rough list of the Russian words that you could pick up to English “blockchain”.

Ella Pamfilova also proposed to replace the designation of polling booths and ballot boxes. Somehow these words also evoke a negativity from the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Image source — the Voice of the Republic

Meanwhile in the State Duma is in full swing in preparation of legislative base, which will allow to determine the location of digital assets in the plane of the collection of taxes. We will remind, earlier adoption of the law on digital of financial assets is transferred to 2019.

By this time the deputies promise to determine the taxes on a new kind of business mining. Will the officials admit to the crypt is legal tender on the territory of the Russian Federation? It is still unknown. To avoid such problems in the first version of the law, the word “cryptocurrency” wasn’t mentioned.


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