The head of the company reveals the phone Realme 2 Pro, and 8GB of RAM

realme 2 pro

The sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo to launch a phone Realme 2 in the month of August last, and now use this brand to reveal the other smart phone carries the name of the Realme 2 Pro on Day 26 or 27 of the month of September. And even then, we have heard some things about this phone, and now we got some additional details, this time directly from the CEO of the brand Realme.

In fact, I’ve conducted a Mr. Madhav Sheth recently an interview with one of the Acer device in India, has been talking in this interview about many things including the phone Realme 2 Pro new also been offered the same phone in a few moments which assured us it was coming with the screen fitted with a small in the top middle section for the front-facing camera, dual camera in a horizontal position in the back is near the sensor fingerprint.

On the other hand, revealed to us by Mr. Madhav Sheth in this interview that the phone Realme 2 Pro will feature the octa-core processor Snapdragon 660, this significant upgrade of the processor Snapdragon 450 the user on the phone Realme 2 current. When it comes to the rest of the technical specifications of this phone, have not been disclosed but has been monitoring the Realme 2 Pro lately on the platform performance tests Geekbench with 8GB of RAM, and with Android, 8.1 Oreo. Moreover, it has been leaking a realistic picture of this phone confirm the correctness of the technical specifications mentioned above, it adds to us that this phone will have 128GB of internal memory, at least in the version which includes 8GB of RAM.


Generally, we’ll check everything when you brand Realme fledgling newly slide the curtain officially about the phone in next week with the knowledge that this phone is a strong candidate to increase the sales of the company, which recently broke the barrier of 1 million units sold within a few months.



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