The head of the cryptocurrency exchanges, has promised to wipe floor well-known economist

The CEO of one of the largest kryptomere the world was angry at the chief hater of Bitcoin. Arthur Hayes has publicly promised to “wipe the floor” with economist Nouriel Roubini. Fortunately, the bloodshed will not come under very aggressive replica Hayes implies debate, which will be held July 3 during the conference 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei.

We will remind, quite recently, Roubini once again returned to the main criticism of cryptocurrency. On his page on Twitter he shared an article from the representative of the house of Commons of the UK Alex Sobel. In his publication Sobel complained of excessive power consumption of the Bitcoin network called project bubble.

The confrontation of the century

Details of the meeting are not yet known, Hayes only shared a couple of angry comments on Twitter. A meeting called “cryptocurrency duel”, and the debate will be “the largest in the history of cryptocurrency”.

We will remind, at Roubini already have experience of participation in such events. Last year he participated in the debate with criptonita Tony Weiss. At this time, Nouriel has to face with Arthur Hayes, another important figure in the crypto community. Arthur, in turn, pledged not to retreat from the debate.

I’ll wipe the floor with this fool.

It is noteworthy that a similar fate may await most famous investor in the world Warren Buffett. Soon he will have to sit at the dining table with the Creator of Tron Justin San. The San won the right to dine with Buffett in the auction, just the case he had to spend $ 4.6 million.

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We don’t yet know how it will end one of the most anticipated meetings this summer. I hope the cryptocurrency will benefit from this.

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