The head of the FBI called cryptocurrency problem that will only grow

The head of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) Christopher ray testified to the U.S. Senate Committee on homeland security and governmental Affairs. This happened at the hearing on security threats facing the United States. They talked about counter-terrorism, foreign influence on the presidential elections, the protection of borders and currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are a serious threat

Discussion about digital assets began a former presidential candidate and Republican Senator from Utah, MITT Romney.

I’m not in the banking Committee and I do not quite understand how cryptocurrency works. I think it can be harder to do their job when we can’t follow the money because they are hidden from us. I wonder, shouldn’t our country be made any effort to deal with cryptocurrencies.

Source: Bitcoinist

Ray noted that the Bureau has long been concerned about the crypts. However, he responded about it as about the negative phenomenon for the United States.

For us, the cryptocurrency is already a significant problem. We can easily predict that it will become more and more in the future. Are digital assets the subject of any regulation or not, the answer to this question is more difficult.

The head of the FBI said about the importance of the USA with the most advanced technologies. If the country is to give it enough attention, it might soon be on the sidelines of world progress. The Bureau trying to follow the flow of money in Bitcoinusing the same methods that work with conventional currency.

It seems that the rhetoric of the US authorities in respect of cryptocurrency is not going to change. We will remind, during the recent hearings, Mark Zuckerberg, US Congressman brad Sherman has called the coins tool of drug dealers, terrorists, hate to pay taxes and other such categories. At the same time Bitcoin has enough potential to "undermine the status of the US dollar as the sole reserve currency in the world."

In the end, the Facebook founder is clearly given to understand that to see the cryptocurrency, the government does not want. Soon after China’s leader XI Jinping has urged the government to develop the blockchain, which was a good sign for the U.S. government. However, until any changes to the crypto currency on the part of Americans is not visible. Let’s see what will change in the future and what fate awaits the Libra project.

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