The head of Xiaomi denied rumors about a folding smartphone

Mysterious posters with the announcement of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has done in the Internet noise. To analysts joined the journalists, techno-geeks and other experts. Everyone expressed own assumptions about what kind of a beast? Of course, to wait till 24th nobody wanted, so imagination spoiled by technology people from the media and social networking have done their job: many, including I, yielding to the beautiful posters, suggested that Xiaomi makes a folding smartphone, others have argued that this is not happening, and that Alpha is a machine with curved edges screen. In order to reconcile everyone in the skirmish joined CEO Lei Jun, personally commenting on the suggestions of fans and the upcoming announcement.

The Xiaomi logo above the entrance to the company store the company

The head of the company noted that Mi Mix Alpha is an “incredible concept smartphone”, but in spite of this, a folding screen, he will not receive. Display just very struglin on the left and right side news. To the post he put the same poster, on which the smartphone depicted on the bookshelf so that the rounded screen seems mimics the book “spine”, which is the name is the date of the presentation.

This is our Yandex.Zen. There is a lot of interesting things.

Indeed, if you look at this “bookshelf”, it may seem that the unit will have a folding screen, even in the upper part you can see something very reminiscent of the hinge. In addition, earlier Xiaomi has already shown a working prototype foldable phablet are very impressive performance. Not surprisingly, the teaser has introduced all confusing!

The head of Xiaomi refutes the speculation of fans

In addition to the mysterious smartphone Alpha, the event will show a new Mi9 Pro 5G. About it it is already known that the device will get a top Snapdagon processor 855 Plus, equipped with an advanced system, liquid cooling system, consisting of layered graphite tube and the copper foil on the idea that engineers should design to provide excellent conductivity. The developers noted that with this solution, they were able to reduce operating temperatures by ten degrees.

Xiaomi quarreled edition

Also the novelty will receive a fast wired charging at 40 watts, thanks to which the smartphone battery can fully recharge in just 50 minutes. Mi9 also Pro 5G will be equipped with wireless and quick charging at 30 watts. In addition, the device will support technology reverse charging at 10 watts.

Recall that the presentation of Mi Mix Alpha will be held on September 24, Tuesday. In addition to smartphones on it will show the new Xiaomi TV with 8K resolution and a new shell MIUI 11.

To talk about the upcoming presentation and to Express bitter resentment against Xiaomi for not wanting to make a smartphone with a folding screen in our telegram chat.

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