The highlight products of CES 2018, which supports the assistant Amazon’s Alexa

Saw the exhibition this year’s Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 great competition among assistance audio most notably the aide of Google woman, and where was displayed a lot of products that work to assistants similar to last year, ranging from speakers, radios, lamps, vacuum cleaners, etc., to expand the scope of the skills and procedures that can be of assistants to do them in this year. In this article shed light on the highlights of the products offered, which are based on assistant Amazon Alexa. [divider][/divider]

Headphones Garmin

A smart device allows the use of voice control while driving to get to music, news, and maps, etc., in addition to the smart camera, integrated with the device warning the driver of collision or when the deviation from the lines of the road. The device supports the service Alexa of music and provides information about the weather, traffic updates, and integrates with the car audio system provides high quality sound through stereo speakers located in the car. [divider][/divider]


Piece is connected to the electricity in the car and with the phone via Bluetooth to allow the driver access to service Alex’s voice commands to full voice in the car, including Get Directions, hear the latest news, shop online, play music, and more. Featuring pieces by sound insulation with 2 microphones integrated, enabling the noise cancellation also includes two ports for fast charging with-Port submitted by the company denying what lets charge the phone at a tremendous speed for both the driver and passenger, also includes a widget button to mute the sound. [divider][/divider]

Vuzix AR

The company launched the industry smart glasses Vuzix smart glasses new Compatible with the voice assistant Alexa let have voice commands on the voice assistant and then the results appear in front of the user’s eyes directly a very similar way to Google smart previously. And possess glasses, a microphone and a Camera Built in addition to the touch panel side, and let the glasses to make phone calls via the connection to the phone via Bluetooth, as you know, maps, weather and news and all the results that can be obtained from Amazon’s service Alexa, will be available new glasses at the price of 1000 USD will be reduced to half the price in the future if you achieve glasses expected success. [divider][/divider]


Founded the Kohler company in 1873 in the village of the same name in Wisconsin, a company specializing in bathrooms, and within the events of the 2018 CES reviewed the company’s prototype for the intelligent charging of its brand in cooperation with Amazon. The smart Bathroom from tub to shower and a toilet and the first mirror support system Amazon orders acoustic Alexa allows listening to the new news and check the weather or listen to music or check a new email, and surrounded by a group of LED lights high efficiency enables to turn on or off or raise or turn off our lights as it is equipped with lights custom for the night and are available in three sizes 24, 34 and 40 inch. [divider][/divider]

Computers and policies

Held Amazon’s deal with Microsoft, Acer, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo to install personal assistant on devices computer portable operating system to run Windows 10 scheduled for launch in 2018. It will also be the adoption of a personal assistant in many models of Toyota and Lexus vehicles coming in 2019.

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