The highlights of the 7 companies help in the development of Orthopaedic Surgery by robots

Contributed to the development of robotics in most medical device companies your bones to develop robots surgery, assist in orthopedic surgeries, with a view to assisting the surgeons, who perform surgery in the knee, or hip bones, or shoulder, or spine.

There is clear evidence of the start of the widespread use of these robots in orthopedic surgery, has acquired the company Stryker Corporation Mako specialized in the production of surgical robots, which help in the installation of alternatives to the knee, the bones of the thigh, as the company acquired the Medtronic company Mazor Robotics, so you can enter the field of spine surgery based on robots.

At the present time, the majority of companies orthopedic devices either already launched robot surgery the bones of their own, or they are preparing for it in the near future.

Here are the highlights of 7 companies working to develop efficient surgery to bone by medical robots:

1. company Stryker:

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The company Stryker purchased the company Mako to produce robots for more than five years, during 2018 sold 650 robot specializing in orthopedic surgeries, which helped in the conduct of 76,900 surgery bones for the installation of alternatives to the medical of the knee, the bones of the thigh, through 2018, is expected to increase the spread of this robot during the current year.

It is worth mentioning that the company Stryker has launched a platform robotic integrated surgery of the knee through 2017, which can be used for surgery of the knee, full and partial, and the first of its kind in this area.

2. the company Medtronic:

Management believes the company Medtronic to orthopedic surgeries that depend on robots will play a substantial role in improving the efficiency of operations, spine surgery, which is considered the most accurate medical operations.

The company acquired the company Mazor Robotics, including system Android specialized in surgeries of the spine, and after the process of acquisition of one month, the Medtronic launched a new version of this system of the robot, and launched it the name of Mazor X Stealth.

It is worth mentioning that the Android system New combines the technical guidance of the robot company Mazor, with the technology of surgical navigation surgical from the company Medtronic.

3. the company DePuy Synthes:

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Company DePuy Synthes is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson the famous American, and has acquired the robotics company French Orthotaxy early last year, is expected to launch a robot that specializes in orthopedic surgeries over the next year 2020.

The company has displayed a prototype of the robot by the conference of the American Academy of orthopedic surgeons in March, according to what was said by Liam Rowley, vice president for research and development at DePuy Synthes; the new Android will be small in size, unlike the robots traditional surgical.

4 – Zimmer Holdings Inc Biomet:

The company launched the Zimmer Bioment platform robot called Rosa for surgery of the knee and the spine, this zone is characterized by the existence of dedicated tools to help doctors orthopedic surgery to simulate the surgical steps by default prior to the surgery.

It is worth noting that Zimmer has got a production technology platform Rosa in 2016, following its acquisition of the company Medtech French specialized in the production of medical robots, in a deal worth $ 132 million.

5 – Smith & Nephew:

Through 2016; the company Smith & Nephew acquired the company Blue Belt specialized in the production and development of medical robotics in a deal worth $ 275 million, and thereby moved the ownership of the system Navio android my to it following the conclusion of the acquisition deal, the then include the program surgery of the knee full in the system.

In the same context; the company plans to launch a new version of the system Navio during the second half of the current year, and will include a programme of surgery, the bones of the thigh in the new version.

6. the Company Globus Medical:

This famous company, with its Android known as ExcelsiusGPS, and has successfully published in many European countries, where the use of many medical institutions to conduct spine surgeries, and have noted Dave Demski, president executive of the company in the earlier statements not to that the rates rely on this system quite amazing.

7. company NuVasive:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA in 2018; adoption of the long Pulse as a medical automated, and dedicated to surgery of the spine, which is the production company NuVasive American specialized in the production of robots, and medical devices.

When the company launched during the month of April of the financial system of its new X360 Surgery University of single-site lateral single -position surgery – has announced the possibility of its integration with the platform Pulse, which will enable doctors orthopedic surgery to perform many of the steps for orthopedics of the university community.


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