The highlights of the 7 small companies have security measures strong e-mail

Represent data breaches are a real threat to individuals, institutions and governments also, the world has witnessed a significant rise in operations to penetrate the systems of cyber security through 2018, thus leaking the data of millions of users.

Include statistics that about 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and that about only 14% of small businesses have security measures strong e-mail to help them to face cyber attacks.

Also found research that about 60% of SMEs that relate to the cyber attacks stop working within six months of the attack. Date also that these attacks cost small and medium businesses losses ranging from 84 thousand to $ 148 thousand dollars per accident breakthrough.

It is tragic to see a small business works hard to unusual to become entity is successful, but his career is available due to a security threat, so the e-security is not something that is done only once, but a continuous process, so must the companies that seek to stay within the competition in the market always revise their security strategies, the implementation of robust security measures to avoid the risk of security threats continued.

The following are the highlights of the 7 small companies have security measures strong e-mail:

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1. company Claude Cloudflare:

Company Claude Cloudflare leading companies in providing internet services as it has the noble ambition is to “help build a better internet”, it also reflects safety measures own.

Buy the company developed the network of content delivery to a CDN – short for Content Delivery Network – fast, firewall and a strong Strong Firewall, protecting from DDoS attacks, encryption of TLS edge – is a security protocol that provides privacy and integrity of data across internet connections -services, DNS security for many companies, the Fortune 500 list.

Vibrating Cloudflare to encryption using the auth TLS 1.3, ChaCha20-Poly1305 safety, two of the strongest encryption technologies available today, and Cloudflare also with GoLang is a programming language well-known safe and efficient.

The Cloudflare service is also extremely easy to implement since it takes the setting only five minutes, and reduces the time required to deploy security policies, new on all your employees, it also provides greater protection to speed performance for your site on the fly, the measured transfer more of the public APIs to the cloud.

2. the company, Slack Technologies:

Buy this company with her to chat beauty, which bear the name of Slack Slack, and aim greatly the privacy of its users, in addition helped the Slack also to raise social awareness about a variety of security problems including the scandal of ImageMagick, where it reveals they regularly log analysis of their own to help keep users on the certain security of their data.

As relating the slack with security companies to strong external such as: Cloud Security Alliance; and provide periodic review of its services to verify that security practices are sound, as well as to monitor the services in search of new vulnerabilities that have been active by Community Security Research. In addition to audits, periodic services and features Slack.

Sometimes all you need to build trust with customers is to prove you’re doing updates to your security constantly, and that you really care about their security and personal safety, and Slack is: the most prominent example of this in the middle, it must therefore be policies and standards serve as a role model for many other SMEs.

3. the company Surfshark:

Provide Surfshark application that encrypts traffic to your web, which ensures the absence of your data in the hands of hackers information.

You may have heard about the saying “data is the new oil”, this refers to the increasing deployment of people data about themselves and their behavior, the value of this data to companies that you are analyzing, take advantage of them. At first glance you may see that it’s a good thing, and it is a sign of the development of innovation and technology quickly, and our personal and professional lives benefit from it, but with the increase of the value of our own data is also increasing the number of persons who wish to obtain such data illegally, and without permission from.

Change the application Surfshark this problem by providing a virtual private network VPN allows you to connect to the internet, while providing full safety to your data, and Surfshark for other applications where the even the least amount of information of the user, and does not leak IP addresses – in the sense that it never reveals the actual location of its users in multiple tests found users Surfshark the lack of leaks of the domain name system, which means that no-one can access your data, so it is Surfshark an important model in the field of web security.

4. company 3dcart:

Make 3dcart program to build e-commerce sites allowed to set up shop online, selling their goods quickly. With the continued growth of e-commerce – particularly with the presence of strong competitors in the field of construction sites such as: WordPress وShopify – became security, customer privacy more important than ever.

About 90% of the total login attempts for e-commerce sites would be through the Pirates of the information, so require transactions via internet additional layers of security to maintain the privacy and identity of the client, and 3dcart users through a feature called 3D Secure 2.0, which help to implement many of the new security strategies for e-commerce.

You say the layers control in the 3D Secure 2.0 examining expenditure patterns, and the device that the client uses, and procedures for additional security other for of online identity, and is the data transfer smooth so it doesn’t affect the shopping experience of the client through the processes of redirecting a browser, or authentication, so this feature is an excellent example of what it should look like you have strong protection, so it’s very safe without the negative impact on performance.

5. the company other JotForm:

This company, which is headquartered in San Francisco platform JotForm to create online forms with elaborate electronic security to its customers in the first priority.

Use the product protocol encryption 256 Bit SSL encryption, which uses the SHA256 certificate, which is the same level of protection used in online banking, e-commerce, it is compatible with the PDI, and GDPR, HIPAA.

Platform Jotform is also specialized in the editing of PDF files, security, encryption, and because many companies collect sensitive information in these models, such as: financial data, or home addresses, or Social Security numbers, these companies need to take action to ensure the protection of PDF files in your email messages to apply. Therefore it can be encrypted PDF files and password from JotForm is the solution you are looking for these types of companies.

Take models to secure their own extra security not only via the HTTPS encryption during transport, but also by giving the creators of the models the option of encrypting stored data also, using what is known as the “models encrypted”, where users have full control over the information provided through their own models, which can not be breached without a special key.

6. the company Accuranker:

Accuranker is: the platform allows you to track the keywords main, was founded in 2013 in Denmark, and today has become known as one of the fastest marketing tools and most secure. And enables you to keep track of all of your website, keywords, key moments, as well as alert you immediately if there are any major developments in the order of appearance of your site in search engine results.

In the case of a significant reduction in the order of appearance of your site on search engines, provide you product put SEO Panic Mode, where you can access do not address the causes of low the order of appearance, which may include the content of the low quality, lack of keywords, as well as technical problems in the site, and updates the algorithms of search engines, and penalties of Google, and more.

This is why you need to ensure the preservation of data is the speech record your key is completely safe, because when you lose this data it would be disastrous for your site, and one of the best things you can do to maintain that data should be available to you at all times is transferred to the cloud storage service as did Accuranker.

No longer use the app-based cloud storage services one of the best marketing decisions that small business owners can take. Where the time and money in the long run, and most importantly, it allows you to secure your location data good.

7. company Mailbird:

Mailbird is a platform to manage multiple email accounts, the most important of all, they give top priority to the safety of the e-mail accounts to their customers .

Is encrypted all data sent between the Mailbird to the server via a HTTPS connection is secure, a sign that the company does not undertake to inform the e-mails of their customers, while it collects your name and e-mail and private data using the feature Mailboard, it also gives you the option to cancel access to this data.

Refer stats the last that is sent to more than 200 million e-mails every day, and sending most of these messages through email marketing services, representing the cyber attacks is a big problem in the recent period, where the ratio of 1% of all emails are harmless – which is about 2 million today – no doubt that the weakness of the security measures relating to the e-mail threatens small businesses.

Therefore, the application of measures e-mail security is essential for any business, and email encryption provided safe strong password is critical in securing e-mail.

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