The highlights of what was announced in the conference of the Amazon the year 2018

This topic highlights what was announced in the conference of the Amazon the year 2018 appeared on Engadget.

Company held Amazon today, its the year 2018, the terms of which revealed a range of devices and new services possible.

The Amazon today a range of ads includes new versions of smart devices the Echo and the smart plug, with updated Alexa, hours wall the Echo Wall Clock.

Echo Dot

Speakers Echo Dot and Echo Plus

New update speakers Echo Sound famous from the Amazon, where the company unveiled the updated Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

Echo Dot comes updates to the software, where the design features of this year with a cover of fabric, distinct edges feel soft.

It also comes Echo Dot 4 buttons to learn, with 4 microphones, and stressed the Amazon to improve technology acoustics by 70%.

Definitely supports the Amazon speaker Echo Dot assistant Alexa, which had spread already with the previous version of the speaker.

Echo Plus

The Echo Plus was also among the ads for Amazon this year, where it comes to the design of the fabric also with the sound of more points and bass.

Also supports audio. Echo Plus user in a smart home with the smart home hub built-in, for quick setup to look smart.

Echo Plus features this year’s sensor to heat the compact to support the user to select the temperature of the room when the question assistant Alexa.

Due to expected Echo Dot at about $ 50, and the Echo Plus is priced at $ 150 almost, all acne the next month.

Echo Link- Link Amp

Devices Echo Sub Echo Link and Link Amp

Revealed Amazon also today on the Echo Sub which offers a 100W subwoofer, which supports the bass better in the sound system.

Device can Echo Sub that supports pairing with two speakers, Echo audio, to audio stereo with voice control through the application of Alexa.

Echo Sub available for pre-booking today at the price of $ 130 almost, to be available to users next month.

Amazon -Echo Sub

Also provided Amazon both devices Echo Link Amp and a shopping Link, is Devices amplifier audio stereo with the advantage of trading voice.

Device can Link the contact to reception or the subwoofer, and comes Link Amp other audio 60-watt two-channel built-in.

Can your Link the Amp through these conjugations speakers Echo Sound to run audio on your stereo.

The price of Echo Link $ 200 almost to be expected later during the year, while comes Link Amp priced at about $ 300, where at the beginning of next year.

Amazon- Echo Input

Device Echo Input

Audio system is integrated with the smart house is the first objective of the conference of the Amazon this year, and to achieve that made this year also the Echo Input.

Echo Input is a technique that supports the user to select which speaker the sound of your Echo, by connecting the Echo Input with a plunger sound.

It also comes Echo Input microwave data long-term like your Echo, but that’s the difference in this device is that the speaker voice is built-it can contact the device with a plunger of audio.

To have the Echo Input at the price of $ 35 is almost to be released later this year in the markets of the United States, the United Kingdom, and also Germany.

Amazon - smart plug

smart plug

Also comes from The between the ads for the Amazon smart home, announcing a plug intelligent wall smart plug comes at the price of $ 25.

Can database smart plug from Amazon that supports device control to which it relates by the assistant Alexa.

Device and the smart plug doesn’t come with a built-in microphone, so the user needs to Speaker A Echo Sound to the voice commands on the Alexa or via the app if the user is outside the home.

Alexa Hunches

Alexa Hunches

Made Amazon today feature Alexa Hunches the new assistant’s voice, which supports the user’s suggestions predictive to the needs of the user in the future.

Use Alexa Hunches smart technology complex to understand the behavior of the user, where focusing the property in the beginning on the smart house.

Suggestions Alexa Hunches related to user behavior, where, for example, can operate to alert the user for lighting open in the room, and the theater closed.

It can also propose to the user to close the open doors, where the technology artificial intelligence in Alexa Hunches to support the user efficiently.

Echo Wall Clock

H Echo Wall Clock

Amazon made sure, through this conference, to provide more of a tool to support the smart house, and an hour Wall Echo are also ads Amazon this year.

Featuring Echo Wall Clock screen material know the timing that has been set by the user via Alexa to be more obvious to the user.

The design of the Echo Wall Clock comes with LED surround by the hour, in support of view the timing that you have set, where LED lighting to display the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the clock settings, it can also operate H Echo to change the time automatically to start training.

Called the Echo Wall Clock microphone one, also related with Alexa via Bluetooth, and come later this year at a price of $ 30 almost.

Amazon- Alexa- microwave

Device microwave with the assistant Alexa

More ads Amazon smart home, which also included a microwave, a microwave oven from Amazon at a price of $ 60 almost.

Oven features microwave from Amazon with the assistant Alexa audio with sound settings prior, to putting a band-mantle of the frozen food, as the device supports microwave button Alexa.

Operation of the device depends on the Alexa Connect Kit, which supports connection to the device via Bluetooth Low card or via Wi-Fi ensures contact with the Echo smart.

 Echo Show

Your Echo Show

Introduced Amazon Echo Show today with a screen size of 10 inches, the new design is better compared to the version of the first, also comes with a smart home hub.

Echo Show the distinctive design of the fabric in the background, as it has been updated to the heavens, with a neodymium double size 2 inch.

Alexa Guard

System Alexa Guard

Added Amazon new property protection devices Echo, Support user protection system known بAlexa Guard.

This system works on the use of the speakers Echo Sound to listen more efficiently to break the glass, or the emission of smoke, or carbon monoxide.

When listening to these sounds through Echo, the system works Alexa the Guard to send alerts to the user’s phone.

System Alexa Guard Special Report of the special sensor to accurate control and protection of the home, where they can run the property when you get out of the House.

Amazon Fire TV-2018

Device Amazon Fire TV

Announced Amazon today for your Fire TV Recast, which comes with broadcast performances via the antenna to the device, Fire TV.

The device can be installed in the region to begin broadcasting via the Echo Show, or Spot, وFire TV or on the phone.

You can also take advantage of the feature in the app to determine the best placement for the antenna to pick up signal better, as it can be for Fire TV Recast integration with guide channels in the Prime Video or PlayStation Vue.

Fire TV Recast comes at a price of $ 230 with a 500GB DVR, also provide Amazon, another model 1TB DVR on the 14th of November.

Amazon- Echo Auto

Your Echo Auto

Bring Amazon assistant Alexa audio to the car during the coming period in cross-device Echo Auto.

Confirmed Amazon on that device Echo Auto offers Alexa experience and to the user, with a distinctive design B 8 mics.

Can your Echo Auto contact the car via Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, or via a 3.5 mm connector, and the device connects via the internet to the phone.

Your Echo Auto comes at a price of about $ 50, with a discount for the first applications from the Amazon $ 25, the device is available later this year.


This topic highlights what was announced in the conference of the Amazon the year 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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