The History Of Google. Interaction has been the success of the company

Google I/O

In the Network appeared the message about the important achievement of the company Google, which is a little over two years ago at the conference Google I/O in 2016, among other innovations, were presented the trend of the product. One of them is already considered as one of the most important technologies offered by the company to the consumers, support the second stopped. But now the fellowship of the multitude of users not only Android, but also iPhone and iPad helps Google proposed a solution. It is one of the most important success of the search giant in the upcoming 2018.

App for video chats Google Duo, which is available in Google Play, has been downloaded over 1 billion times. The app for two years and Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) in the published resource the article recalled the important moments of its history. Since it was the efforts Google is developing the world’s most popular Android operating system, all related events are among the most important in the technology industry and are constantly under review and on the website among the hottest Android news Telegram-channel.

Google Duo — 1 billion units. Application

In July 2017 the number of downloads Google Duo has reached 100 million. However, this indicator included those with the Android device on which it was preinstalled. In may of this year, the Duo app from Google has been installed 500 million times. Thus, half of the plants added in the past six months.

Google Duo supported iPad and Android tablets

Google has introduced the Duo at Google I/O in 2016 simultaneously with the application messengerim Allo. The debut of the Duo was held on 16 August 2016, Allo was released a few days later, on September 21. At the same time, the Duo has proved to be a successful application, and Allo — not so much. The development of this messenger was discontinued in March 2018. As for the Duo, at the end of August this year Google added support for app Android tablets and iPad.

IPhone users video chats Google Duo also available

Recently, wanting to expand the audience of users of Duo, Google began to emphasize the fact that it is designed for video chat app available also for iPhone. The company has released a series of commercials showing that even users of smartphones from Apple can enjoy fellowship through Duo. Of course, this requires that the application Duo has been installed on a device running Android or iOS.

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