The HP Omen and Omen X 2S X 25 — game news that will surprise you

Кукишев Дмитрий

HP has introduced two very interesting product aimed at gamers.

The first laptop Omen X 2S. The highlight of this model — two of the display. And here the second does not replace the keyboard, but is above it. In fact, can all see themselves in the pictures.

HP claims that this is the first such laptop, and I really like to remember. What is the second screen? Here, as so often happens in similar products, rather customized scenarios for the concept and not Vice versa. HP says that the second display can be used for communication in instant messengers and chat rooms, to view utubia and so on, without detracting from the gameplay. However, it all depends on what kind of gameplay you have.

I’m sure the owners of this laptop will eventually get used to it and even sometimes (or permanently) would use such a feature, but I doubt very much that many will choose this unit for a second display. We have enough experimental device.

Otherwise, this is a very cool device. He looks great, although this is an improvement, and not filling deprived. At the top, you will receive an eight-core Core i9-9980H and GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q. And this in a body thickness of 20 mm! I can’t imagine how it will warm up.

Also, there is up to 32 GB of RAM, storage up to 1 TB, the main screen of 15.6 inches with Full HD or 4K and frame rate, 144 or 240 Hz, and the same additional six inches of Full HD. Sales will start before the end of the month. The base price is $ 2,100.

The second cool new gaming monitor Omen X 25. This monitor with a frame rate of 240 Hz! There is a version with G-Sync and the version Omen X 25f with FreeSync. The display here is 24.5 inches, but the type of panel not yet named. I think there’s TN, as the response time is 1ms. Version with FreeSync will cost $ 450, or 460 euros, and with G-Sync $ 550 or 630 euros. Sales will start in June.

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