The ice was broken, ladies and gentlemen: the Nasdaq is ready to become a cryptocurrency exchange

According to the CEO of Nasdaq, as soon as the space is ready, the company will open the platform to trade digital currencies like Bitcoin.

“Of course, Nasdaq has long considering becoming a crypto currency exchange”, said the CEO of Nasdaq adena Friedman. “If we look and decide that the time has come and people are ready for a more regulated market, we will try to provide an honest experience investors.”

NASDAQ — the American stock exchange, specialized in shares of high-tech companies (electronics manufacturing, software, etc.). One of the three major U.S. stock exchanges (together with NYSE and AMEX), is a subsidiary of NASD, is controlled by SEC. The owner of stock — American company NASDAQ OMX Group. In addition to NASDAQ, owns 8 European stock exchanges.

The key obstacle to the Nasdaq and other institutional investors is the regulation, which, according to Friedman should be smooth before the company will add the exchange. But she is extremely optimistic about the future of digital assets.

“I think that digital currency is not going anywhere, the only question is, how long will it take for this space is ripe,” says Friedman. “So you looked up and said: but do we need a regulated market for all of this? Of course, the Nasdaq will join”.

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq is already supported by existing crypto currency exchange. On Wednesday, the company announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini based early bichenovii investors Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. This deal gives Gemini access to methods of monitoring the Nasdaq, which will allow the platform to provide honest and regulated services to trading participants.

Although Friedman is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency, it is less confident in the process of raising funds, known as the primary offering of coins, or ICO.

“The ICO needs to be regulated, she says. — SEC is right that they need to regulate”.

SEC, the U.S. Commission on security and exchange Commission has engaged in fraudulent ICO in 2018 and has said it will impose legal restrictions on everything from cryptocurrency exchanges to companies that provide storage of digital assets, that is, wallets for cryptocurrencies.

Wild increase in the price of bitcoins (over 1300%) in the past year has attracted attention reguliruemykh bodies. Bitcoin was traded for $ 20,000 in December before experienced the worst quarter ever, losing 48% in the first three months of the year. This week he returned to the level of $ 9,000 and continues to grow. When the Nasdaq opens its doors to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency market go to the moon.

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