The ICO is now worth a penny. Why did this happen?

Crowdfunding on the stock market was one of the easiest ways to earn money in 2017. Thanks to the investments in the right ICO — that is, the initial placement of tokens — even novice investors managed to make a fortune. Of course, hype around the easy profit actively fomented in the media, and the team CryptoStream paid many famous personalities for their PR projects.

To date, the situation has changed dramatically. ICO is already far not as attractive as before. Now in fashion IEO — conducting crowdfunding campaigns directly from exchanges. Earlier I wrote about my own experience of earning one of the IEO from kriptolodzhika Binance.

Who makes the is ICO?

In an interview to Decrypt the expert service assessment cryptoprocta ICOBench Jeremy Hu said that he was offered a bribe of even $ 5 ETH for advertising and the “right” opinion. It was in June 2018, i.e. at the exchange rate Ethereum Hu could receive about $ 2,500 only for promotional posts.

The situation in industry started to change dramatically especially in November — even then, financial regulators have started to press on ICO. The number of startups declined sharply, and the market reputation of the ICO started to slide down. So cryptologia left lung of earning opportunities on the advertising of crowdfunding. However, all this can be regarded as a positive result of a decline ICO significantly decreased the activity of fraudsters.

Source: Reddit

In this very niche ICO is still alive. Here’s proof in a publication from our Telegram channel.

Now things have “experts” with ICOBench are not as good as before. For a five-star rating startup they ask ETH about 0.65, or about $ 120 at the current rate of Ethereum. A couple of years ago the service had a certain credibility among novice investors. But as it turned out, almost all estimates of the ICO can easily be bought even for relatively little money.

ICO boom in the past forever. Now, investors and startups have a much more profitable alternative.

In 2019, the popularity has gained a new form of fundraising — IEO. These campaigns are coordinated directly by the exchanges, so the need for them is eliminated. Now about the IEO is judged by the reputation of the marketplace. For example, IEO on Binance have a very great demand and bring good returns, as investors are confident in the prospects of the largest crypto currency exchange. The data confirm this.

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