The ideal deal: how one investor traded their bitcoins for 2.3 million fake euros

Korean investor turned out to be a victim of fraud during the transaction he traded their bitcoins on ordinary paper with printed euros. The deception was revealed later, when the Korean found in a pile of fake money non-existent banknotes of 500 euros. This writes the Trust Nodes.

How not to sell Bitcoin

The victim, whose name was not disclosed, wanted to exchange their digital assets equivalent to 2.3 million Euro directly for Fiat. To do this, the investor has agreed to meet the seller of currency from Serbia. The meeting was scheduled in one of the hotels of nice in France. Inattentive Korean didn’t even check given him the money and immediately turned the crypt into a rogue account.

Then Woe to the investor discovered that it’s very impudently deceived. Bills were counterfeit, and most of them were printed on a normal printer.

The victim immediately reported it to the police and some time later the offender was arrested. He was a man from Serbia, which has already begun to live a life of luxury in luxury hotels and expensive resorts in France. Con man indicted for participating in organized criminal activities.

This case could be a good example of how easy it is to use fake bills any world currency. Counterfeiting has reached unprecedented momentum due to the constant emission of new money.

Cryptocurrency deprived of this problem, which are suitable for large transactions even more than Fiat. Your digital assets can not be influenced from the outside, and the work of the blockchain will not work and prohibit. According to experts, now is the best time to buy bitcoins.


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