The image of the Apple in the Chinese market decline which could adversely affect the sales of iPhone

apple iPhone XS Max

China believes one of the biggest markets for Apple. The company achieved a good performance in this lucrative market, despite the fact that local competitors enjoy is a leader in this market also. However, due to recent events, it is said that the image of the apple falling rapidly in China.

This may lead to receiving sales of the iPhone a big hit this year. Analysts expect this to be iPhone one of the victims of the trade war ongoing between China and the United States of America, a war that has already led to the banning of Huawei widely.

According to reports, this has led to a commercial dispute continued to the province of non-official products of Apple from Chinese customers. It will be a direct impact on the sales of iPhone in the country, it will be reflected definitely on the final outcome for Apple. Mixed analysts also trigger the next step of the Chinese government in a trade dispute continued to restrict access by Apple to the Chinese market, which would do great damage to the sales of iPhone.

May force the trade dispute of Chinese citizens to avoid Apple products and buy organs for local brands instead. Reportedly, the Apple has shipped 6.5 million iPhones in China in the first three months of this year. Will send the data to the current quarter a clearer picture of the authority of the Chinese consumer trend of iPhone the rest of Apple’s products.

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