The image of the city of Shanghai Chinese accurately 195 million pixels know the details of the amazing


It is still not common to see images consisting of million of pixels, but this changed in recent years. Can cover such as this audio tracks don’t believe it includes the details of the extraordinary can be revealed by zooming. I picked up the Chinese police Jingkun Technology also known as Bigpixel Studio Image with accurately 195 million pixels for the city of Shanghai, which is the image that show the amazing details.

Was the filming of the picture from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in the country’s economic capital of China Shanghai, and needed the team for two months for the processing of data and connect them together. As expected with images that have been linked with, there are some errors. You may see the same person in multiple images or two images have been merged together by the program.

However, these errors are few and far between. As has been already mentioned, these images offer incredible detail that you can zoom in and read the license plate of the vehicle. You didn’t tell the police what the camera and lens that was used to take these pictures, but it is safe to say that that was done using special equipment.

Obviously the full picture is so big that we can’t post them here. You can take a look at these pictures on the tool company online here, which is a tool that allows you to zoom in and see the amount of detail that was taken in this picture of yourself.


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