The IMF stresses the importance of international cooperation to control cryptocurrency

Yesterday the head of the IMF told about the advantages of cryptocurrency. According to Christine Lagarde, coins allow you to quickly send funds anywhere in the world and in addition will improve the balance in the financial ecosystem. A colleague of the head of the organization a different opinion — he insists on the need for global cooperation in the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

International regulation of cryptocurrencies. The position of the IMF

Information shared Tobias Adrian, financial counselor and Director of monetary and capital markets IMF. During a press conference at the headquarters of the organization, he brought up the topic of cryptocurrencies. According to Adrian, they are not a risk factor.

We observed a number of cases where this new and emerging sector was used in fraudulent schemes, for violations of the security regime, the organization of technical failures. This, of course, has a negative impact on the confidence of investors and consumers. In addition, we attach importance to cooperation between countries in the regulation of cryptocurrency as investment in scriptactive are very global in nature so it is important that some coordination of different countries.

Sector cryptocurrency Advisor calls small, so it “does not pose a serious risk to financial stability”.

But in the future this could all change, so we need to remain vigilant and really understand the development of modern technologies in the financial sector. This is a priority for regulators.

Tobias noted the presence of a large number of approaches for the regulation of coins, reports TASS.

Many countries adhere to the existing rules in this new and developing sector, which gives some results.

Follow following this, proposals for international regulation of the industry is unknown. In which case I hope for their adequacy.

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