The impact of artificial intelligence on human intelligence

If we want to get rid of the artificial intelligence techniques as they look in our lives today, it will be hard coping without these techniques, we won’t be able to use maps wise or Google which lead us to the trends wherever we go, there will be no personal assistant Siri or Alexa to help us in a search on Google or scheduling an important meeting, and don’t forget to like Batman Boeing 777 talking on the plane and burn it effectively for only seven minutes, the rest are by artificial intelligence technology.

In the absence of artificial intelligence, there will be automation of marketing, or selling tools smart attract customers, or the automation of processes and visions useful work, or even bots chat (Chatbots) that answer customer’s questions simple and repetitive.

Ware Matthew Kebo, vice president of the services division in the firm Sage Middle East, Africa and the artificial intelligence technology to perform a lot of tasks (thinking) on behalf of, they are telling us what to do over the past years, we use it because we realize exactly how our health.

It may be argued that these technologies make us lazy, but it actually freed us from routine tasks boring and gave us more time to build and develop our business and solve social problems in new ways, or even prevention of these problems already.

Just the beginning.

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Grow market artificial intelligence at a remarkable pace, with International Data Corporation (IDC) to the value of this market will exceed $ 79 billion by the year 2022, while the company said the Gartner global research, the artificial intelligence will become of the five most important priorities for the investment of more than 30% of the chief executives of Information Technology in the year 2020.

All this we are still in the circle of wits and laughter, but what will happen when we start to expand and approach the circle of general IQ, or so-called Smart Ultra (Super Intelligence) is?

It is true that we are still smarter than machines, they give us the data and we decide what we do with it and tell her what you’re looking for, and other commands, but the goal of intelligence is to imitate human brain effectively in order to enable the machinery of the act WITHOUT to tell her what to do, but what will happen in this case?

Before we answer this question, we need to think of what is the human first, as it could address the data quickly and take advantage of the sense of intuition, creativity and empathy when making the decision, unlike machines that may you can’t imitate the feelings and emotions of the human definitively, and that’s exactly why you need the technology of artificial intelligence to human intelligence to support it, we made us of this technology in the first place.

I don’t doubt that intelligent persons will they make neural networks the industry is able to think and act like humans, where the machines will analyze complex data instantaneously and make decisions for herself, and had not be our choice but to accept these decisions, unless we wanted to spend a decades long to update the technology of artificial intelligence processed in advance in a matter of seconds.

At the same time his maps and wise account of a particular route, can artificial intelligence algorithms to stop natural disaster to enable emergency response teams from the design of faster and more effective.

Can those algorithms to analyze the medical history of your family to carry out therapy program is dedicated to improving the chances of recovery, not to mention the ability of smart watches to tell its users to to the doctor immediately because they are at risk for a heart attack.

No artificial intelligence without a human.

There is no face benefit of artificial intelligence without the existence of humans who make decisions and actions on the ground, whether it is the imposition of the emergency that save lives, or doctors who are watching the vital signs of patients and responsiveness to treatment, or business leaders who are using artificial intelligence to bring about change in their sector.

I shares of the artificial intelligence in promoting human intelligence, in the business world such as, contributed to the techniques of cloud computing, software as a service, automate processes, reduce administrative burden and provide insights useful that you need the business to reduce complexity and to maintain the competition.

So the artificial intelligence technology is changing the way companies manage their employees and operations to improve customer service and enhance productivity and the leadership of the warmth of the companies towards innovative technology.

If human intelligence and artificial intelligence complement each other, one can’t exist in isolation from each other, have become machines smarter than someday, but isn’t that a good thing? When we know what we want to do it accurately, we can get results better and faster, and that’s exactly what we were trying to achieve for decades.

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