The impact of the culture of your public with new information every day with the application of the Lantern

If you’re using a device running Android, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, and you are interested in the development of your acquaintances operate the public culture, has come today to submit to apply “the Lantern : a tip every day – the general culture”, which is of the latest apps available on the Google Play Store.

The idea behind the application of the lantern in the combination of the statement and recording in an information, news and knowledge documented, with the aim of stirring surprise and dazzle your readers.
Publish all information on the form of the text of a brief, center and facility sources, to enable the reader to check the validity of information, and more details.
Visit the app daily with new information, specific to different areas, and these two models from the published information:

  • Have all of Andorra, Romania and of Chad, the same national flag in terms of color and in terms of their order : blue, yellow then red. And the only difference between these flags in the degree of darkness of the blue color.
  • Unlike expected, the share of France’s longest land border with the Brazilian state, with a breakdown between Brazil and the area of Goya, of the influence of the French, the border has a length of 730,4 kilometers.

The application provides the Lantern the possibility of interaction with the system and with other readers by leaving comments, and click the Like button and even propose articles to the editorial team, to be posted after checking into their credibility. In addition to the possibility to browse the app without Internet.

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