The implementation of voice commands and deception under the name of digital assistants smart!

الأوامر الصوتية الذكاء الصنعي

الأوامر الصوتية الذكاء الصنعي

Most of the posts during the exhibition CES 2018 , under the name of artificial aid, digital, the very large range of products such as refrigerators and lamps, in addition to the television has become with -in the words of companies – assistant digital intelligent, but the reality is not so.

Theoretically, the implementation of voice commands means having a voice interface in the device, just like the GUI of the existing previously, which was to allow the user to choose what they want to access it as running a song or adjust the temperature of the cooling devices. As digital assistants-smart, it is intelligent software that works for the human, that is, they connect the dots between them; the user currently present in the organization and evaluation refers to the meeting in what place, here comes the role of the digital assistant smart to learn the case of layers, the size of the congestion to the user about the need to exit to get to the meeting without delay.

The above means that the first option, interfaces audio, you don’t have to be smart necessarily, they are just a way to allow interaction with the device via voice rather than touch or use the buttons. Second, digital assistants, and intelligence is essential to be a true helper in every sense of the word.

Returning to the products, CES 2018, the refrigerator-like – that the company claimed and it is equipped with a aid a number, not all of them are fitted with the aid of digital and what this only a trick to sell more and get media coverage, because it provides a voice interface, just as adjusting the temperature or knowing the temperature of the freezer section. It’s the same with air conditioners capable of implementing the user commands sound when you ask it to change the temperature, or even Smart TVs which only change the degree of loudness or move to another channel.

In order to be examples of the former smart, you must provide the refrigerator sensor cameras able to know its content and quantity also, with the possibility of knowing how fresh is through the use of computer vision algorithms. The cooling devices home, they must provide sensors to measure the room temperature and the percentage of oxygen in it, with a camera to see the number of people. The TVs, they should provide the camera. Then, after providing them with that technology, can be considered intelligent, because the fridge is going to be able to tell the user about what is missing, and will become further cooling devices home capable of providing a temperature consistent with the number of people in the room with a guarantee of fresh air to maintain the oxygen ratio is normal, and the same goes for TVs that via the camera would be to know the person in front of her to run his favorite program based on the time, and this without direct intervention.

In short, there are murmurs about the fact the audio digital assistance, the first is just an interface like any other interface, and a means to communicate with the device sound instead of buttons. The second, they are more complicated than that, and relies on software such as “Google set” or Siri or “Alexa” from Amazon.

The implementation of voice commands and deception under the name of digital assistants smart! Appeared first on the tech world.

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