The incident of hacking the payment system on the website of OnePlus affect 40 thousand client


After receiving numerous complaints from users who say that their credit cards exposed to fraud after buying products from its official website on the Internet, the company OnePlus to open an investigation, and I found in the end that’s true already. According to the company OnePlus now, has made it clear that this hack may have an impact on About 40 Grand a client.

She explained the company OnePlus that this happened because one of the systems attacked. The company says that it was injected script malicious code The payment page on its official website on the Internet to steal credit card information while entering the. This script harmful works intermittently, it says to pick up and send data directly from the user’s browser. The company OnePlus since then stop the service of bank payment, and the Elimination of this script harmful.

The company is that the customers who enter the credit card information on their website between mid-November 2017, 11 January may have been affected. Includes information that have been compromised, credit card numbers and expiration dates, security codes. And that is not affected by customers who pay using cards saved or those who paid using PayPal.

The company OnePlus to communicate with all customers who were affected most likely through e-mail to tell them this development of the situation in the case. Recommends the company to monitor customer activity on their credit card and they charge don’t know the source of its institutions Bank they are dealing with. As the company intends for the whole case.


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