The increased prevalence of the problem of interruption of the connection to the WIFI with Google


Revealed earlier reports about a particular problem speakers the Google Home Max which was related to the interruption of the network connection to the WiFi, where it turns out in the end that this only affects routers TP-Link and specifically the Archer C7, it only recently began to many additional communications in the growing conditions on that problem.

According to the published location of GSM India, it turns out that this problem is not limited only to the users devices router TP-Link different but also include users of devices Linksys, Synology, and other organs, where they face all the same problem, in addition to the level of the speakers the Google Home Max, the users who own devices other home like Chromecast reported that the use of their units and their out-of-network solves the problem for them.

مشكلة أجهزة جوجل
Problem Google devices

As pointed out by some users of Android phones that work with the latest systems oreo they suffer from the same problem, except that it reports so few, for its part, has launched the TP-Link software fixed new pilot of the Archer C7, which aims to solve the problem, but they didn’t work with all users, however you can’t Google that problem until now.

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