The index of dominance of Bitcoin fell to a three-month low. What is in store for the market?

The share capitalization of Bitcoin in the total capitalization of the industry fell to its lowest level in the last three months. This may be the first sign that investors are ready to invest in more risky digital assets, rather than the Bitcoin.

Last week on Friday the index of dominance of the main cryptocurrency fell below $ 51 per cent, and on Saturday, this value was equal to 50.4 percent. After some time, the share of Bitcoin in the capitalization of the industry increased slightly and today is 50.8%.

Where to invest money?

For the first time since August of 2018 is so strong decline in the index of dominance of Bitcoin is held for several days. Previously, the drop in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies also lowered the rate to as low, but he went back to his old size in a few hours.

Recall that Bitcoin is traditionally considered the most secure digital asset in the industry. The share of its capitalization usually increases during the global bearish trends when investors prefer to keep their portfolios in assets with low risk relative to other cryptocurrencies.

In 2017, when the market capitalization has increased from 20 to 600 billion dollars, the index of dominance of Bitcoin has decreased from 87 to 38 percent. However, this does not prevent the main cryptocurrency to set a new historical maximum of cost. In other words, the change of the ratio of its capitalization to the total value of the cryptocurrency market rather is an indicator of investor interest in altonah.

Source: CoinDesk

While the price of the top altcoins add only 1-2 percent of the day, most digital assets is still in the stage flat. We recommend you not to take hasty decisions and do not invest all the money in the violas. This must be done when Bitcoin finally reaches the level of $ 4,000 a sharp movement up.

The situation on the market follow our cryptodata.


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