The index of dominance of Bitcoin has reached annual maximum. What does it mean?

The share of Bitcoin in the total capitalization of the stock market reached its highest level this year. The last time this value was then when the coin reached its new record price level in December. This writes CNBC.

Bitcoin popular of all cryptocurrencies

According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin now holds 48.6 percent of the total market capitalization. This is the highest index of dominance from December 20, 2017. Three days earlier, the cryptocurrency reached 19 783 dollars. As you can see, the coin is once again recaptured its dominant position, but the price level it to retain failed.

Over the summer, the Bitcoin time to renew your annual minimum and to jump above $ 8,000. A sharp jump in the value of the cryptocurrency associated with the news of the possibility of the creation of the first ETF on Bitcoin. However, recently, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has pushed back the timing of its final verdict, so the coin again rushed down.

Many experts argue that there is a high probability approval of the exchange triptofana, despite the failed attempt of the Winklevoss brothers. Their arguments analysis confirms the bullish news about the listing of futures on Bitcoin largest network of US exchanges.

Ethereum and Ripple are not distinguished by any important pre-conditions to growth. Other altcoins also suffer a long decline. More details can be found in our cryptodata. There communicate all the cream of kryptonsite.


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