The industry met the American specialist of the decision of the Trump tax on Mexican goods

الصناعة التقنية الأمريكية متخوفة من فرض ترامب ضرائب على السلع المكسيكية

After China’s taxes on imported goods, which the long as wide and great of products and technical components, announced the U.S. President Donald Trump a new draft resolution to impose a tax on Mexican goods by 5%, enters into force on 10 June with the rate of monthly increase by 5% until October to see this 25% maximum.

To men of industry technical American for fear of the consequences of this tax which you may have in Mexico to reciprocate, where they see that this resolution is not a solution to the problem of increasing numbers of immigration from the Mexican border that tries its Trump since he took the helm.

The objection of the American companies technical on this resolution being Mexico is an alternative transport chains support the manufacturing of their own which were in China and were transferred or will be in the wake of economic tensions between the two countries and the crisis to raise taxes, to be signed with the same dilemma tax again but this time on the Horseshoe their country South

Response was most influential in the technical exhibition to the presidential and sprinkle it as consistent and fit as a solution to the problem of immigration, as he’s not watching over the interests of the American consumer and the manufacturers used to increase the price to fill the gap of tax in case of failure to find cheaper alternatives.

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