The Intel found 3 vulnerabilities. They allow you to steal

Today Intel announced three new vulnerabilities of their processors. According to the American company, these vulnerabilities can be exploited to gain access to some data stored in the computer memory. Under the threat of a processor Core and Xeon.

In its blog the company said the following:

We have no information that someone used one of these vulnerabilities for any real action, but this only emphasizes the need to adhere to best practices regarding security.

Intel has already released an update that closes the vulnerability was found. Otherwise, she wouldn’t openly share information about them. Released update reduces the risk of attacks for personal computers and data centers that use Intel processors.

We can expect increased attention from Intel to the security of their chips after a group of researchers found them seriously flawed. In January, it was found a vulnerability that allowed hackers to steal sensitive information from virtually any device equipped with a chip from Intel, AMD, or ARM Holdings.

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