The Inter-American Court accuses Qualcomm a monopoly. and imposes on them the renegotiation of the page


The dispute between the Federal Trade Commission and Qualcomm leading the design of the processors, the chips were over now. The court ruled that Qualcomm must stop its practice of bundling the licenses with the hardware. Came in the provision that the exercise of the police ” stifle competition ” and that interest rates were ” unreasonably high “.

In addition to considering that even, he explained to the judge Lucy Koh also said that the company, Qualcomm re-negotiations on the deal by the arrangements of the exclusive. To ensure compliance Qualcomm for the world, there will be observers within the company Qualcomm over the years the next seven. There is also a provision prohibiting Qualcomm from the stop of cooperation between competitors and partners in the government investigations.

Many of the accusations within the existing part of the judicial dispute which was between Qualcomm and Apple TV also, but the two companies had reached an agreement out of court in the wake of the need for Apple to modems 5G for the next generation of phones the iPhone, especially after the company went out of Intel from the market modem the 5G designed for smart phones. Down Qualcomm shares rose 13 percent in response to the news, but the company issued a statement officially opposed the sentences, saying they would appeal the ruling.

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