The international community undertook to investigate the Apple App Store monopoly case

When Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple over the removal of Fortnite from the App Store , users were divided into two camps. One includes those who admit that Apple is right, and the other includes those who, accordingly, do not. You can understand both of those, and others, because on each side there are quite reasonable arguments. One at a time, that's for sure. The former refer to the fact that the App Store is the domain of Apple, which means that only it can decide on what conditions to admit third-party developers to the app store. And the latter argue that in this case, Apple has no right to prohibit alternative directories. I wonder who's right?

South Korea To Investigate High App Store Commissions

Apple теперь стоит 2 триллиона долларов . Что это значит?

As recently as yesterday, we told you that Epic Games is recruiting a coalition of like-minded people who will agree to participate in legal proceedings against Apple, inviting Spotify and Sonos, and today it became known that the South Korean government is planning to join the proceedings.

App Store Monopoly

Epic Games' help came from where it was never expected

According to The Korea Herald, the South Korean Communications Commission will investigate Apple for monopolizing the mobile app market. Interestingly, the case also involves Google, which is accused of about the same, despite the fact that, although it charges a similar commission from developers, it does not prohibit them from publishing their applications on alternative sites.

Читатели рассказали, что думают об удалении Fortnite из App Store

The 30% commission fee is quite a large amount that can hit developers badly, but more dangerous is that companies impose their own payment system on them. As a result, developers have no chance not to pay the fee, and if they refuse, they are simply squeezed out of this market. There are all the signs of a monopoly, which – if the investigation confirms this – should be eliminated, – said the Korean department.

Как разработчики под носом у Apple создали альтернативный App Store

The reason for the investigation was also the obvious inequality among the developers. After all, if large studios have the influence and resources to present claims to Apple and demand to make concessions to them, small startups and independent software creators do not have this opportunity. They will not even listen to them, offering them either to work in the proposed conditions, or to leave the market altogether and look for work elsewhere.

What Epic Games wants from Apple

If this continues, then Apple will be forced to recognize alternative app stores.

Despite the fact that the Korean department has not yet brought any charges against Apple, it is clear that the behavior of the Cupertino-based company has provoked a serious outcry, bringing the case to the international level. If at first only the American Congress was engaged in it, then later the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service found Apple guilty of organizing a monopoly due to the lack of alternative app stores, and now the Koreans are also involved. And this is already a trend. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future several more countries will begin to investigate Apple and will most likely find something.

Telegram потребовал у Еврокомиссии разрешить альтернативы App Store

It is important to understand that the proceedings, which seemed to have started because of large commissions, now pursue a completely different goal. Developers are not asking Apple to lower fees; they are demanding alternative app stores. It's hard to believe that Cupertino will go for it, but as we know, the power of social coercion can be quite strong. Therefore, chances are high that Apple will eventually give up.

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