The Internet of things, they said. Did diapers…

Technology every year more and more pervasive in our daily lives. Environment of the Internet of things develops. Today already you will surprise nobody smart door locks, cameras, air conditioners and lamps that can collect information about the state of the environment in the house or the presence of a stranger in the room and transmit it to the mobile device owner. Using the same smartphones all of these things can be remotely controlled. Yielding to the universal trend, the Internet of things decided hit and manufacturers of diapers.

Why you need smart diapers?

The company Pampers introduced a full single platform Lumi, which included two sets of diapers in 10 days, two activity sensor that are attached to the diaper, baby monitors, and a specialized mobile app.

It should be noted that in the production of smart diapers Pampers were not the first. Last year its main rival – Huggies introduced the diaper Monit, the kit which includes the Bluetooth sensors. The device monitors the time to change the diaper, and then notifies the parent by sending a text message on his phone.

Huggies diapers and sensor Monit

However, the product from Pampers has improved functionality.

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The basis of the Lumi went to the Pampers Premium Care, are equipped with a strip-indicator that changes color to indicate that it is time to change. In turn, the Lumi sensors collect not only information, but also monitor the activity of the child during sleep. Do not have to constantly go and check yourself.

Helps in this case provided camera. It was developed in collaboration with Logitech and is an improved version of smart wide-angle Full-HD cameras Cirlce 2. It is additionally equipped with a temperature sensor and humidity.

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Using camera for a child can be observed from anywhere. In addition, she serves as a transmitting device: collects information from the sensor on the diaper and sends her to a special mobile application. The last data is collected about the child: his activity during the day, how many hours he slept, what time he slept, how many times he fed, how often they changed diapers in a day and so on. The analysis of this information will allow the pediatrician to pick up for a child more optimal daily routine and to understand whether it is development.

What are the disadvantages?

Pampers has not yet revealed prices for special diaper or starter kit. But promises that on sale the novelty will arrive this fall.

In words, everything looks pretty interesting. But Pampers Lumi there are a number of “features”. First, for sensors Lumi need special diapers which are larger indicators of moisture. Buying them separately would be possible without sensors. Second, sensors may not test went the child “at-large”. Parents will have to find out the most reliable and proven way — with his nose. Thirdly, the maximum size of such diapers — 4.

In addition, there are issues with security. Activists in the field of data privacy have already raised the alarm. According to them, parents may find this new system convenient, but they don’t realize the serious risks to their privacy. By the way, today hackers can hack almost anything. Even pacemakers.

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