The introduction of cryptocurrencies increased capitalization Revolut up to 1.7 billion dollars

At the end of last year, the CEO of FINTECH start-up Revolut Nicholas storonskiy statedthat crypto-currencies like gold and will soon exceed its investment attractiveness. The company has developed a multi-currency card that supports digital money, which allows you to make instant transfers between participants in the system. Now Revolut attracted $ 250 million from the Fund DST’s Yuri Milner and reached a capitalization of $ 1.7 billion. This writes the CCN.

CryptoStream win banks

The startup raised funds will be spent on launching products in India, Australia, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia. In addition, the company expects to increase staff from 350 to 800 employees, told the publication storonskiy. 200 developers will be hired in the company’s offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, he added.

Now card Revolut support 150 Fiat and digital currencies. The number of cardholders is more than 250 thousand people. After the company added support for cryptocurrencies, their number increased by 70 percent. In Revolut expect that in the next five years, the number of users will grow to one million people.

Storonskiy previously worked as a trader in banks Credit Suisse, and his partner and co-founder Revolut Vlad Yatsenko developer at Deutsche Bank.

Over time cases using the crypt will be more. Today, buy her houses, cars, diamonds and expensive watches. Hopefully in the near future, the scope of digital money will increase significantly.

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